I offer services to adults. Therapy varies according to the issues and needs brought by each client and we will discuss your therapy goals at our first session together. 

I am trained in a number of psychodynamic therapy approaches, which allow for traditional talk therapy. I am also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing therapy, which is an evidence based therapy that can be used to address most issues.

Psychotherapy can help further develop skills, and resources to address the emotions, situations, and relationships bringing you to therapy. A safe therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance to me and I strive to provide people with efficient and useful therapy work as part of my commitment as a psychotherapist. 

My professional fee is $160 per session and my services are covered by most extended health benefits (please confirm with your plan in order to verify your coverage).  I am a HCAI facility and service provider to clients who have been in Motor Vehicle Accidents, and I see clients who have coverage through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. 

I provide training and consultation to therapists in the area of trauma treatment, and supervise graduate students during their practicum year by offering internships in my practice.




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